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2PM – 4PM at Peace Park across from Expeditions Radisson

Come one and all! This is a drop in, all ages, free drawing workshop held outdoors, by the shores of the Gatineau River on Saturday, August 20. Materials provided. Facilitated by Emily Rose Michaud

Inspired by the power of water for bringing people together, this will be the first in a series of nomadic workshops that will travel throughout the region to communities of diverse ages, beliefs, cultures and identities to celebrate water, share stories and commemorate the bodies of water that have influenced our lives. Participants will be invited to draw a map of a body of water that they know and love upon the surface of a cedar tile (don’t worry, we’ll provide maps). The tiles will be arranged into a temporary mosaic upon the ground, the lines flowing into one another as an interactive puzzle for the piece to be played with and rearranged throughout the day — to pay homage to the role the power and presence the water has on our lives in a playful way. This nomadic commemorative art installation is being made to acknowledge the waters and their influence in our lives; to raise awareness of issues that affect water quality and its future; and to create an opportunity for broad community-based dialogue on issues affecting water.

The collection of drawings will grow as they travel from community to community (from Maniwaki to Almonte). The final installation will culminate in an art exhibition at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario, in March 2018.

The workshop is a compliment to the exhibit InterconnectedWatershed, which runs August 19-September 23.



3PM – 5PM at the Wakefield La Peche Community Centre – $20

Tasha Forget (Marketing and Communications Specialist) and Greg Paul Stone (recording artist) will present a 3 hour hands on workshop for artists and creators of all types on navigating the intricacies of using social media to gain a wider audience for their works.

The workshop will feature an overview of how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach new fans and markets world-wide.

Topics covered include:

• Plain language explanations on how each platform works

• Setting up your account/profile/page

• Creating a promotional strategy

• Creating engaging content

• Growing and engaging your fanbase

• Creating and exploiting marketing angles

• Achieving greater reach

• Using paid advertising on social media

• Common pitfalls to avoid

• Lots of useful tips

• Social media interaction is encouraged up to and throughout the event #WakefestSocial

• This is a practical workshop so bring your laptop/mobile device

Workshops July 28th 2011

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