Wakefest Arts Festival 2013


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Wakefest is an all-arts festival celebrating our local artists, performers and creators, allowing them to come together and fuse their talents with other artists from other parts of Canada and beyond. Wakefest aims to inspire everyone in our community to engage creatively in a supportive atmosphere. Wakefest 2012 will take place August 23rd to 26th in Wakefield, Quebec, along and around the banks of the Gatineau River. Music. Literature. Film. Theatre. Dance. Performance. Vernissages. Workshops. Engagement. Join us and help bring the festival to life.

Le festival a lieu du jeudi au samedi à Wakefield (Québec) sur les rives et aux abords de la rivière de la Gatineau.  Musique, littérature, films, théâtre, danse, représentations, vernissages, ateliers, excitation.

Wakefest Coordinators: Elizabeth Logue (Artistic Director), Martin Comeau, A.M. Gillis, Jessie Pratt, and Chrissy Shannon.

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